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3.) Identify and develop leadership potential

Adam Chedburn continues to act as our National Leader in Education in 2014-15 working closely alongside Steve Wilson on issues of local, regional and national importance. Rachel Mays heads the Teaching School Alliance. Linda Buckle is a member of NETSP steering group , one of the two the franchise holders for NPQH programmes in the North East. For more information about their work and a flyer featuring staff from WBTSA go to the website below:

Adam Chedburn leads a number of popular NPQH units . Linda Buckle leads on NPQSL for NETSP at Whitley Bay. She works closely with Claire King and a number of other trainers from across the North East.
Linda Buckle and Rachel Mays are also leading a new National College Middle Leaders Programme which began in the summer term 2014 and continues until spring 2015. It involves a number of our own middle leaders and colleagues from alliance partner schools. We expect to re-run the programme again in 2015- Enquiries to Sharon Armstrong.

Aspiring Leadership Team – we are intending to repeat the very successful 4 day shadowing/ placements for teachers aspiring to join a leadership team in the next two years- at George Stephenson, Norham, and another partner High School with the final day at WBHS .