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Role of Teaching Schools

Teaching School Alliances are key partners in a national move towards system-led leadership. Together with other TSAs nationally we are addressing priorities identified by the National College of Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) under the banner: ‘The Big Six’.

Recently we appointed a new Teaching School Administrative Manager. If you want more information about any of our outreach work please contact Sharon Armstrong on:

1.) Play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession
2.) Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development
3.) Identify and develop leadership potential
4.) Provide support for other schools                             
5.) Designate and broker Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)                                              
6.) Engage in research and development

The future....

  • WBHTSA is leading innovations in each of the six areas identified above.
    A sample of future developments include two areas which have drawn Ofsted’s attention recently.
    The Ofsted Framework September 2014 states: “Inspection is primarily about evaluating how well individual pupils benefit from the education provided by their school. It is important to test the school’s response to individual needs by observing how well it helps all pupils to make progress and fulfil their potential.”

    • Utilising a wealth of experience across our partner schools we are devising a new course for Teaching Assistants designed to train them in best practice. The Exceptional TA Programme will begin early in January 2015 and will run in several locations across the TSA.

    Under the September 2014 Ofsted Framework Inspectors will “discuss the effectiveness of the school’s performance management arrangements and professional development programme for teaching staff” and also “they will not look for a preferred methodology but must record aspects of teaching and learning that they consider are effective, and identify ways in which teaching and learning can be improved.”

    • Our new course called ’New ways to refresh your teaching’ is aimed at teachers on the Upper Pay Spine; it will focus on using the strengths of a school’s most experienced classroom teachers and build upon them using new technologies, new tracking & monitoring developments and the opportunity to lead or tap into research projects .