Whitley Bay High School

This section replaces our usual Information Evening for Year 10 parents

Year 10 Information Evening

Welcome to our Year 10 Virtual Information Evening. We have included a variety of short presentations for parents to view at a convenient time.

Please contact Mrs Lawson if you would like to discuss anything further after watching the information.

Our first video is a welcome and introduction from Ankita Lawson (Head of Year 10). 

Andy Sherlaw (Deputy Headteacher) presents a short video on GCSE assessment. 

Jill Branch (Head of Mathematics) presents information on the Mathematics curriculum in Year 10. 

Kim Smith's (Head of English)  presentation on the English curriculum in Year 10 is below. 

Alan Keegan's (Head of Science) presentation on the science curriculum in Year 10 is below. 

Linda Buckle (Deputy Headteacher) and Kirsty Hutchinson (School Counsellor) have included a presentation on how to support your child and how students can maintain positive wellbeing. 

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