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Please watch the short videos which aim to support families with revision over Easter.

Year 11 Revision Guidance for Parents and Students

This section of the website aims to provide guidance for parents and students on how to support a successful revision programme over the Easter holidays and the remaining time before exams. Please scroll down the page to access the content of a revision assembly, the Advanced Information letter and short videos which help parents to support student revision.

Revision Assembly

Senior leaders of the school and the Year 11 Pastoral Team delivered an assembly (available to download below) to students on Wednesday 6th of April, with the overall message that there is still time to make a difference towards exam performance and the grades students will achieve in the summer. We were keen to highlight the importance of the Easter revision period, and the need for students to have a daily balance in a revision programme which includes periods of revision and activities that promote wellbeing. We have recommended students conduct 5-6 hours of revision per day, and demonstrated to students how this can be achieved successfully.

Advanced Information

Parents and students will also be aware of the Advanced Information exam boards released which highlights to students the content that will be assessed, what will have a greater weighting of assessment and what content will be left out for each subject. This is a lot of information for students to make sense of, particularly as the approach from each subject is so different, therefore we have been working in lessons to highlight this to students. on a subject by subject basis.

The letter below was sent to all parents on the 18th of February which contains links to each exam board and subject so that all 'Advanced Information' can be easily accessed.

  • Year 11 Revision Assembly Wednesday 6th of April Download
  • Advanced Information Letter February 18th 2022 Download

Support Videos

There are 5 short videos to watch below, that aim to provide parents with information on how they can support student revision. This includes an introduction from Ankita Lawson (Head of Year), Heads of Department from English, Maths and Science discussing effective revision in their subject, and a video from Sarah Lackenby which supports students wellbeing during this important period.











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