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The Trust provides for clubs and societies, sports, educational trips and inter-school competitions

Trust Fund

The trustees and the school are extremely grateful to the many parents who have signed up to become donors to the Trust. To those of you who have not got around to it yet, may I take this opportunity to tell you more about the work of the Trust and how your donations support a wide range of activities for all students in school.

What is the Trust and how does it work?

The Trust, established in 1986, administered by four trustees, runs independently from the school as a registered charity, thus obtaining the benefits of tax relief on donations received via the Gift Aid scheme.  Its written constitution requires all available funds to be made to the school for the benefit of as wide a range of students as possible or for the school as a whole.  Annual Reports to the Charity Commission ensure it functions and operates correctly under the Trust Deed.

A previous ‘School Fund’, requiring all parents to make a nominal payment each term was administered by the school. The Trust status removes this responsibility from the school and replaces the regular payments with voluntary donations and independent administration.  The charitable status and Gift Aid scheme enables the Trust to reclaim income tax paid on Gift-aided donations; increasing the support we can give to the school by 25%.

The school is funded to meet its educational and running needs (although this funding has reduced considerably in recent years), but there are always ideas and ways of improving the school and student’s learning and experiences which come outside that budget.  Often it is those things that give the child greater knowledge and understanding in academic subjects, improved experience, skills, self-awareness and confidence in other areas and in working and interacting with others.

The Trust receives ‘bids’ from the various Department Heads / Heads of Year and funds are directed to the highest priority schemes and projects, benefiting as many students as possible.  Your child will benefit, in one way or another during their life at the school, from your donation and those of other parents of students. With this extra funding the teachers try all the time to improve the childrens’ experience in class and elsewhere in clubs and societies, sports, educational trips, inter-school competitions, the school environment, and extending the potential of the most gifted and less gifted students.  Much time is freely given by the staff to achieve this.  Your voluntary donations help to provide the additional equipment and resources necessary.

Reports to parents in the autumn and in school newsletters will give information of the projects and activities supported by the Trust across all areas of the school.

All parents are encouraged to support the school via the Trust by making a minimum modest donation of £5.00 per month, or quarterly equivalent.  It is essential to replace those of parents whose children are leaving the school.  

A donation form is available below.

Please complete the form, if you have not already done so, and send it to the school in a sealed envelope marked ‘Trust Fund’, thus ensuring confidentially, or directly to Whitley Bay High School Trust, c/o 2 Gainsborough Close, Whitley Bay, NE25 9UZ.

Do not send it to your bank.

Thank you for your support.
Derek Saunders (Treasurer Trustee)

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