Whitley Bay High School

'The enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of WBHS staff is unbeatable.'*

Admissions and Appeals

Whitley Bay High School extended its PAN (Published Admission Number) to 370 pupils from September 2018. 

Admissions to the school are outlined in the downloadable documents below:

  • Determined School Admission Arrangements for 2020 Download
  • Proposed Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for Middle and High Schools 2020 Download
  • Proposed Admission Policy Middle and High Trust Schools September 2020 Download
  • Appeals Timetable 2019-2020 Download
  • Checklist for School Admission Arrangements 2020 Download
  • Sixth Form Admissions Policy Download
  • Determined Admission Policy Middle and High Trust Schools September 2019 Download
  • Determined Co-ordinated Admission Scheme Middle and High Schools 2019 Download
  • Appeals Timetable 2018-2019 Download
  • Determined Admission Policy for Middle and High Learning Trust Schools in North Tyneside 2018-2019 Download

*Year 11 Parent

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