Whitley Bay High School

'The enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of WBHS staff is unbeatable'*

Admissions and Appeals

Whitley Bay High School has extended its PAN (Published Admission Number) to 370 pupils from September 2018. Admissions to the school are outlined in the downloadable documents below:

  • Determined School Admission Arrangements for 2020 Download
  • Proposed Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for Middle and High Schools 2020 Download
  • Proposed Admission Policy Middle and High Trust Schools September 2020 Download
  • Appeals Timetable 2019-2020 Download
  • Checklist for School Admission Arrangements 2020 Download
  • Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2019-2020 Download
  • Determined Admission Policy Middle and High Trust Schools September 2019 Download
  • Determined Co-ordinated Admission Scheme Middle and High Schools 2019 Download
  • Appeals Timetable 2018-2019 Download
  • Determined Admission Policy for Middle and High Learning Trust Schools in North Tyneside 2018-2019 Download

*Year 11 Parent

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