Strong relationships are at the heart of our success

Vision, Ethos and Strategic Objectives

School Vision:

  • for all of our students to enjoy learning, develop skills and deepen their knowledge to be successful through a broad and rich curriculum. 

  • to use evidence informed practice that inspires all learners 

  • to achieve outstanding results and ambitious destinations 

  • to create an inclusive and safe environment through respectful, positive relationships, mature behaviour and purposeful learning 

  • to support students to become healthy, well informed and socially aware individuals 

  • to lead with moral integrity at all levels to create a safe and exciting climate where everyone can achieve their potential 

School Ethos

Our aim is to develop:

  • Happy, self-confident, life-long learners
  • Learners ready to embrace change
  • Learners who make a positive difference to the local and global community

This will be achieved through our innovative and inclusive approach to Teaching and Learning alongside our supportive pastoral system



Maintain a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of students

Maintain and seek to show continuous improvement in academic standards as measured by:

· Progress 8

· Attainment

· Post 16 Level 3 Value Added

. Post 16 and Post 18 Destinations

Move towards year on year improvement in the full E-bacc %


Set and maintain an on-going 3 year balanced budget through continued robust financial control. To achieve this:

· Develop a workable plan for National Funding Formula

· Show proactive management of student numbers

· Maximise external income

· Despite age and condition of building strive to maintain a high quality environment for our students and staff

· Provide oversight of the strategic objectives and operational goals of the new school build


· Nurture a safeguarding culture across all aspects of school life


· Continue to develop innovative teaching and learning including the use of new technologies for the benefit of both staff and students

· Continue to be recognised as an outstanding flagship school for quality teaching and learning

. Continue to monitor and improve the curriculum offer to ensure a diverse and rich choice for students


· Maintain a focus on wellbeing to promote a happy and positive workforce

· Support the induction and continuous development of our staff

· Ensure a safe environment for students and staff to work in


· Ensure the Governing Body provides effective support and challenge

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