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'All groups of students make outstanding progress from their starting points' Ofsted

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Report and Action Plan 2018-2019

Key priorities: 

  • To have high expectations of each individual learner whether Disadvantaged or non Disadvantaged. 

  • To raise the achievement of Disadvantaged students. 

  • To continue to aim to meet or exceed National figures for % achieving English and Maths and P8 averages and to close the gap between Disadvantaged students and their non Disadvantaged peers (attainment and progress), working towards a smaller gap at WBHS than national across all GCSE measures. 

  • To increase the selfesteem, confidence and ambition of Disadvantaged students by ensuring they have access to a wide range of opportunities including trips, curriculum RA events and SMSC experiences. 

  • To work effectively and closely in partnership with the parents of Disadvantaged students. 

  • To continue to improve the effectiveness of transition work with the 4 feeder Middle Schools in relation to Disadvantaged students including a tailored transition plan. 

  • To maintain a record of no NEETS by continuing to provide high quality Post 16 guidance, advice and support from members of the LT. 

  • To improve attendance rates of Disadvantaged students through individual or group initiatives. 

Pupil Premium Funding Allocation: 

PP allocation for 2014-15 
PP allocation for 2015-16 
PP allocation for 2016-17 
PP allocation for 2017-18  
PP allocation for 2018-19 
£125,335 + LAC tbc 

 Pupil Premium Numbers: 

Year group 
Total in Year Group 
PP students 
% of PP students 

In 2018/19 the school is receiving  £125,335 of Pupil Premium Funding and we will be building on the 2017/18 initiatives in the following ways: 

  • Continue to allocate each Year 11 PP student a key worker/mentor to support learning and help in preparations for GCSE. 

  • Small group additional tuition in Maths and English for Year 11 students not making expected progress. 

  • Sixth Form mentoring across a range of subject for Year 11 students not making expected progress. 

  • Pre St James’ Park visit to ensure all students make the most of this opportunity 

  • Year 11 Learning Conference at St James’ Park with a motivational speaker 

  • Purchase a set of subject Revision Guides for each Year 11 student to aid with revision as well as any essential equipment i.e. a calculator, art supplies, geometry set etc. 

  • Create additional assessment opportunities where funding may be a barrier i.e. GCSE PE climbing. 

  • Attendance monitoring and reward scheme for those with under 90% attendance across all year groups with focus on Year 9 in term 1. 

  • Whole school, departmental and individual Raising Achievement initiatives and trips 

  • ‘Out of your comfort zone’ trips- to build confidence, team working and self-belief for students in Years 10 and 11. 

  • Aspirational progression pathways - visits to employers, local colleges and universities. 

  • Targeted progress workshops led by outside agencies. 

  • Transition project with Middle Schools to ensure no ‘dip’ in performance Years 8 to 9. Liaison with Middle School PP leaders to discuss students joining in Year 9. 

  • Regular training for all staff and trainees on the Pupil Premium and supporting students. 

  • Year 9 raising achievement initiatives. 

  • Careers and options guidance with dedicated members of staff. 

  • Targeted Revision workshops and breakfast clubs. 

  • A ‘Boost’ event following trial examinations in March 2019. 

  • Funded music lessons and financial support for extra-curricular trips where appropriate. 

  • More frequent monitoring and contact with parents regarding progress and students’ attendance at support sessions.

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