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Whitley Bay High School will host online Parents Evenings using Schoolcloud

Schoolcloud Parents' Evening

We have decided to move to an online Parents Evening video platform called SchoolCloud to attempt to replicate our typical evening which we usually host on school site. We have researched the best available product which provides a purposeful meeting in a user friendly way and are hopeful you’ll agree. 

 The Parents Evenings that are approaching which will use SchoolCloud are: 

  •  Year 12 Thursday 11th March. 
  • Year 11 X Band Thursday 18th March. 
  • Year 11 Y Band Wednesday 24th March. 

 *All evenings are between 4.00pm and 6.30pm. 

The video below from SchoolCloud summarises the process and demonstrates how to use the online platform. Please ensure  you view this in advance of booking appointments.

A pdf copy of instructions is also available to download below. 

In order to make your appointments, you will need to have your details ready and use the link below: 


 Please note the following: 

  • Appointments are made on a first come first served basis during the times outlined below. 
  • A text message will be sent to alert you on the morning of when appointments can be made 

  • A text message will be sent to inform you on the day that appointments will close.  

  • Appointments are controlled externally by SchoolCloud and are 6 minutes long. These are kept to a strict time limit. Therefore please ensure you log  on before the start of the allocated time in order to use the full 6 minutes. Logging in late reduces the time available  as the meeting end time remains fixed. 

  • A timer will be used to ensure you are aware of how long is left of the meeting. 

  • Parents living separately can attend meetings together, but the school ‘Priority Contact’ must invite the other parent. Parents living separately who usually attend individually can continue to do so.  

  • If we experience technical difficulties on the evening, teachers have contact numbers and will call you directly as an alternative. 

  • As in real life, your son/daughter is welcome to attend. Please share with the teacher who is attending the meeting if it is more than the person on the video screen.

  • A mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop can be used, but please check your device has access to a microphone and preferably a camera prior to your meetings. 

  • Conversations must not be recorded.

  • Please use the Contact Us form below, or contact the front office directly if you require assistance.  

Appointments for Year 12 Parents Evening on Thursday 11th of March can be made between Wednesday 3rd of March from 9am until Wednesday 10th of March at 12pm. 

Appointments for Year 11 X Band Parents Evening on Thursday 18th of March can be made between Wednesday 10th of March from 9am until Wednesday 17th of March at 12pm. A maximum of 5 appointments can be made. 

Appointments for Year 11 Y Band Parents Evening on Wednesday 24th of March can be made between Tuesday 16th of March from 9am until Tuesday 23rd of March at 12pm. A maximum of 5 appointments can be made. 

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