Whitley Bay High School

Our uniform is smart, practical and promotes equality.


All students are expected to wear correct school uniform at all times. The excellent reputation of the school has caused the demand for places to be ever increasing. Students attending this school benefit from its reputation, and we expect students in turn to help maintain that reputation by high standards of behaviour and appearance, both in school and in the local community. Parents whose children are allocated places here are expected to support the school policy on uniform.

School uniform can be purchased from Anne Thomas Uniform Suppliers, 180 Park View, Whitley Bay, (Monday - Saturday) and Emblematic Ltd, Unit 26, North Tyne Industrial Estate, Benton (Monday - Friday).


Plain black, full length, smart trousers. Please note that the following are not acceptable: casual or fashion trousers in any colour or fabric, including jeans, or any trousers in a jean cut, cords, track suit bottoms, combat trousers, cargo pants, ski pants, jogging pants, *leggings, jeggings, shorts, three-quarter length trousers, and trousers with metallic decorations. Only small unobtrusive black belts are acceptable. (*We have been advised that girls wearing leggings, particularly those that are see through or threadbare is potentially a safeguarding issue).


Plain white polo shirts with school logo. The following are not acceptable: other shirts in any colour, including sports shirts, tee shirts and aertex tops


We do not recommend skirts for school wear as they tend to be short and impractical. However, if students wish to wear them, black skirts of decent length with opaque tights (not footless tights) are acceptable.

Sweatshirts and/or Hoodie

Navy blue sweatshirt (round necked or zipped) with school logo. Navy blue hoodie with school logo. Students should NOT wear any other hoodie or sweatshirt. Cardigans and jumpers should NOT be worn. Students must wear a school polo shirt underneath a school sweatshirt or school hoodie.

Shoes and Socks 

Plain black, sensible shoes, or plain black trainers (with no other colours or logos). Casual footwear or trainers in other colours are not acceptable.

Coats and Bags 

Students can obviously wear outdoor coats to travel to and from school. These must not be sweatshirts or hoodies unless they are the school sweatshirt or hoodie. Outdoor coats must be removed when students are in school. Coats must not bear any graphics or writing on the front or back.

Students will need a suitable bag to carry books, equipment, PE kit, etc. Expensive designer bags are not advisable. The local police strongly endorse this statement as such items can put students at risk on their way to and from school.


Elaborate or expensive items or jewellery must not be worn to school. For safety reasons, only small studs are acceptable and these will have to be removed for physical education lessons. Also for safety reasons, other types of body piercing are inadvisable.

Parents are advised to ensure that all items of clothing worn to school are clearly marked with the student’s name. Our school does not have insurance cover against loss, theft or damage to students’ property, and for this reason, students are advised to keep coats, bags, and other belongings with them at all times. For the same reason, expensive items of clothing and jewellery should not be worn or brought to school. Police advise marking all personal property in such a fashion that it can be identified.

At Whitley Bay High School, our priority is a high quality education for all of our students. For this reason we intend to ensure that tutorial and lesson time is used effectively for the benefit of students. It is unacceptable for teachers to have to use valuable teaching and learning time debating with students whether or not they are wearing correct school uniform. To avoid such situations, which disrupt effective teaching and learning and can damage relationships, parents are expected to ensure that students wear the correct school uniform.

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