Whitley Bay High School

Students are encouraged to make healthy choices, supported by a range of available food options

School Meals

Students are encouraged to stay on site during lunch to participate in a variety of clubs. They also have the opportunity to go out into the community

Our current timetable means that students have two shortened breaks of 20 minutes. The first is between 10.50am and 11.10am and the second between 1.00pm and 1.20pm. Students have an opportunity to purchase food and drink during both breaktimes. Our canteen also uses Parentpay as a cashless system, which allows students to purchase refreshments without cash, but also allowing parents to monitor any purchases made. A Parentpay 'Update' and 'Useful Tips' document is available to download below.

The catering team focus on the lunchtime experience. We work and listen to students to ensure we are offering a varied food selection which they will enjoy. We have a professional chef at Whitley Bay High School who works on a week menu cycle offering traditional, international and vegetarian dishes, accompanied with salad and fresh vegetables.

Opening Times

Morning break: 11.10 – 11.25 (Wednesday 11.15-11.30)  
Serving hot and cold snacks, sandwiches and deli bar open.

Lunch service: 12.25 – 1.15

6th Form Café: 9.00 – 1.30
Hot and cold snacks served throughout the day. Deli-bar and pasta king are also available.

Menu Choice

Your chef will produce a daily menu offering a choice of traditional, international and vegetarian dishes. 

The cost of a two course school lunch is great value for money at only £2.25. The menu also offers a selection of sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes, chilled drinks, cakes, biscuits and fruit. 

Students can also opt to benefit from our daily meal deals which are listed below:

Payment of School Lunch (Updated)

The school have worked with Catering Services to provide a combination of a hot or cold offer for students to choose from, in order to maintain student bubbles.
A new way to pay for school meals has been introduced.  Parentpay is our new cashless system in order to stop cash handling or students can use their debit / credit card at the till.

All parents need to set up a Parentpay account with an activation letter.  If you have not received these details please email:

parentpay@northtyneside.gov.uk with your child's name, class and school.

You may be eligible for free school meals. 

To complete an application over the phone please call 0191 643 2288. 

To complete an application online, follow the link below.

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