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Students and Parents should use the information on this page when choosing options for GCSE

Year 9 Options

Welcome to the Year 9 Options page of our website. This page contains all the information you will need as a family to help make option choices for GCSE study.

This web page contains a short series of video clips, and documents to download which will help students and parents when choosing GCSE options for next year. We have purposely made several clips and added the options booklet online, so information can be viewed and reflected upon throughout the process.

The Options Meetings will occur through scheduled meetings using the Microsoft Teams app. Students will receive an email from a senior member of staff which invites them to attend their options meeting during a specific time in the school day. Students should accept the meeting or alternatively send a message to the member of staff to organise an alternative time. Once this has been agreed, students join the meeting through their calendar on their Teams app. Students should switch off their camera and ensure they have access to a microphone. If the device being used does not have a microphone, the Teams app can be used on mobile phones and is available to download here. Students log in with their school account and usual password. A short video which summarises this process is available below. 

At the bottom of the page, there is a very important link titled 'Options Form' which takes parents to an online form which should be completed. This should only be done after viewing the video clips, reading the option booklet, checking the option blocks and following several discussions regarding potential option choices.

Students will also complete a very important online form in tutorial on Friday 15th January called the 'Personal Profile'. This provides further information about your child and their interests both in and out of school.

Once both of these forms have been completed, a member of the option guidance team will be in touch with the student, over the approaching weeks to discuss the options that have been chosen by students and parents at home. 

We very much want this to be a collaborative process involving students, parents and the school guidance team. We will keep parents up to date at each stage of the process and parents can ask the Year 9 Team any additional questions they might have. 

This is a very important process as we know if students select the right courses, they will enjoy their learning, be taught and supported very well and go on to achieve excellent results.

Our first video introduces you to the Year 9 options process and is from the Head of Year Abi Welch.

The next video is by Linda Buckle (Deputy Headteacher) who will discuss all the stages of the options process.

Our next video is by Andy Sherlaw (Deputy Headteacher) who will provide further information that you should consider when selecting your 4 GCSE options. 

We thought we'd share with you the thoughts of some of our Year 11 students when reflecting back to their experience of the options process, and how it has impacted on them now.

Our final video is the concluding comments of Steve Wilson (Headteacher) who will summarise the key messages of our previous videos.

Year 9 Options Online Form

After viewing the video clips and discussing all the information presented, students, alongside their parents, should complete the online form below to confirm their 4 option choices for GCSE.

Options Form

The information below, has been issued to parents and students before, but is available as part of this process to assist you in the decision making.

  • Year 9 Options Booklet 2021 Download
  • Year 9 Options Letter December 2020 Download
  • Options Information Sheet (to be used alongside the subject booklet and option blocks) Download
  • Provisional Option Blocks Download
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