Whitley Bay High School

Introducing Matt Bland Head of Year 9 September 2021


Dear Year 8 students,  

A very warm welcome to Whitley Bay High School Year 8 induction. This area of the website will be refreshed regularly with updates and activities to start the transition process ready for when you can come into school. I am very much looking forward to you joining our school and am already excited to welcome you in person in September. I've heard lovely things about you from your Heads of Year 8, which is a great start!

What I think makes Whitley Bay High School really special is the relationships that staff build with students, and the mutual respect around the school. We really want you to be yourself at school; individuality is celebrated and embraced by all. Staff really want you to enjoy your time here and ensure your lessons are engaging, fun and purposeful. 

We are proud of how much the school feels like a community. You will be part of a tutor group comprised of students from different middle schools including your own - a great opportunity to have some people you know, and to make new friends. There are a huge range of extra-curricular activities available, including an array of trips and visits. We know that our busiest students are our most successful students, so we advise you to take full advantage of all of the fantastic opportunities available to you. 

As well as your tutor and myself, there are two Assistant Heads of Year and other members of the pastoral team here to support you. Students leave the school after 3 or 5 years having made great progress, both academically and personally, and we help along every step of the way. 

I am really looking forward to meeting you all and you starting your journey through Whitley Bay High School. You are going to make some great memories here on your journey with us. 

Best wishes,  

Mr. Bland

Head of Year 9 September 2021

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