Whitley Bay High School

Supporting students through their journey at WBHS

Wellbeing and Additional Support

Our approach at Whitley Bay High School is centred around promoting a safe, supportive learning environment alongside appropriate and specialist care for emotional development of all students. Wellbeing is a whole school focus and underpins everything we do. We want students to be happy, healthy, confident and curious individuals, both in and outside of the classroom.  

We have a skilled team of staff with vast experience of working with students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, including a full-time counsellor.  Please see our 'Pastoral Support Team' leaflet below for more information about our pastoral support team.  

Both teaching and support staff feel confident in supporting wellbeing in the classroom with extensive staff training around child development, basic neuroscience and the latest government guidelines. We also have a trained Mental Health Champion to offer support and guidance to staff around mental health first aid.  

Students are encouraged to learn more about mental health and self-care, developing their resilience for the future. From Year 9, students are introduced to wellbeing through assemblies, LEV and the tutorial programme, covering topics from fight/flight to social media. We also take part in awareness raising activities for mental health charities, celebrating positive wellbeing throughout the school year. All students have access to wellbeing and mindfulness materials via their tutor, and we regularly promote local and online services including Kooth. Our school library is stocked with relevant and relatable, age-appropriate literature, both fiction and non-fiction.  

Tips to develop good mental health: 

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