Whitley Bay High School

With themes on magic, mysteries, space and monopoly in previous years, we are very excited to have a great start with you all!

The KS3 Team

Welcome to the Key Stage 3 Team @ Whitley Bay High School.

As a team each year we set up an exciting series of lessons, challenges and events in the first week to welcome Year 9 to the WBHS community. The aim is to showcase the range of activities students can get involved in around school, introduce some key staff and most importantly give students a fun, but challenging introduction to their time with us here. There are tutor group challenges and we plan exciting core lessons and activities for you to complete for prizes. So often, at the end of Year 9 students tell us it was a real highlight and helped them to settle in. We can't wait to get started this year! 

With themes on magic, mysteries, space and monopoly in previous years, we are very excited to have a great start with you all! 

With a greater emphasis on core subjects, we run a number of raising achievement initiatives throughout the year focusing on Maths, English and Science to ensure students are GCSE ready.   

Year 8 English, Maths and Science Activities

Please read carefully 

The Key Stage 3 team have put together some taster tasks and challenges for you to try at home which can be found below. They should help give you a flavour of learning at WBHS, as well as help you get to know key staff. We will add more over the next few weeks. 

Our theme for the year is heroes, so activities are focused around this - we hope you enjoy them! 

Please complete tasks in your own time and not all at once. 

We suggest you look at one subject per week for the next 3 weeks. Complete as much as you can. If you would like to do more than has been suggested then that's great you can do as much as you want to. 

Print any resources you would like to write on or photos you have taken, or you can make notes on paper and keep them in your folder that you will receive from us to show your new teachers in September. Enjoy! 

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